Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature

Organizing Your Delegation

Here is information to help you and your delegation be more effective at TISL:

Recruit a Full Delegation

Your college's General Assembly Fee includes a certain number of delegates, depending on the enrollment of your college. Be sure to claim all of your seats and votes. Techniques for recruiting delegates:

  • Make an announcement to your student government association.
  • Distribute posters, which you can download here. Download Poster [1 mb]
  • Ask your campus newspaper to publish an announcement.
  • Distribute an announcement via campus e-mail.
  • Create a group on facebook for your college's delegation.
  • Distribute an announcement to political science, history and other professors and ask them to read it to their classes.
  • Show the video about TISL, To Change The World, to interested groups or tell people to view it on facebook.

Prepare a Delegation Budget

The Delegation Budget Worksheet is the easiest way to calculate the cost for your college to participate in TISL. Log in to your account and look for the "Budget & Invoice" button.

In 2015, the General Assembly fee increased $75, and it includes two additional delegates.


General Assembly Fee

Delegates Included
















Additional Delegates: $40 each

Choose a Head Delegate

The Head Delegate is the primary contact person for your delegation. It's usually better, especially in larger delegations, for the Head Delegate to serve in the House with most of the delegation's other members.

Learn the Rules of Procedure

Senate and House of Representative sessions are governed by the TISL Rules of Order. Intro to ParliPro

Attend a Regional Workshop

Regional workshops in East, Middle and West Tennessee will help you prepare for the General Assembly. Workshop Information




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