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The Legal Code of the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature (TISL Code) is the official compilation of laws passed by the TISL General Assembly affecting the governance of TISL in accordance with Section IX, Article 4 of the TISL Constitution.

"The Executive Council shall compile all laws governing the internal affairs of TISL and publish them on the TISL web site."

The TISL Constitution requires the adoption of an Election Procedures Act (Art. V, Sec. 7) and a Financial Procedures Act (Art. IX, Sec. 3).

The General Assembly can adopt other laws regarding the governance of TISL consistent with the TISL Constitution and with the general laws of Tennessee.

The Secretary of State compiles the TISL Code in consultation with the Attorney General.

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Updated through Acts of the 44th General Assembly, November 2013.

Title 1 - General Government

Chapter 1 - [Reserved]

Chapter 2 - Election Procedures Act of 1977

Chapter 3 - Financial Procedures Act of 2012

Chapter 4 - [Moved to Title 3, Chapter 2]

Chapter 5 - Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation

Chapters 6 through 49 - [Reserved]

Chapter 50 - Miscellaneous Provisions

  1. Definition of "Participating Institution"
  2. Definition of "College"
  3. Amendments to the Tennessee Constitution

Title 2 - Executive Department


Title 3 - Legislative Department

Chapter 1 - [Reserved]

Chapter 2 - House of Representatives Apportionment Act of 2010

Title 4 - Judicial Department

Chapter 1 - General Powers

Chapter 2 - Supreme Court Nominating Commission

Chapter 3 - Special Judges of the Supreme Court

Title 5 - Personal Conduct

Chapter 1 - Delegate Conduct Act of 2013

Chapter 2 - Alcoholic Beverages

Chapter 3 - Nametag Fraud

Amending the TISL Code

A bill proposing a new law that would become part of the TISL Code shouldn't assign a Title or Chapter in the bill as introduced at the General Assembly. The Title and Chapter numbers will be assigned by the Secretary of State if the bill is adopted by the General Assembly.

A bill pertaining to the governance of TISL may include a statement such as:

"Upon becoming a law, this act shall be included in the Legal Code of the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature."

A bill to amend an existing law in the TISL Code might refer to the existing law in one of several ways:

  • "Title 1 of the TISL Code"
  • "Title 1, Chapter 2 of the TISL Code"
  • "Section 1-2-4 of the TISL Code", in which case the first number is the Title, the second number is the Chapter and the third number is the Section. The example refers to Title 1, Chapter 2, Section 4.
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