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Executive Director Position Open

The growing Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature Foundation seeks a dynamic and experienced part-time Executive Director who can help build upon our success and expand our reach.

Students3The right person will help TISL realize new opportunities to fulfill its mission of engaging Tennessee college students and helping more of them realize their potential as future leaders.

TISL is a 51-year-old 501(c)(3) with an estimable Board of Directors, stable finances and a great reputation among stakeholders and clients.

The role and responsibilities of the current Executive Director have become too much for one person, and the position is being split. The current ED will continue as Program Director and as a supporter and resource for the new ED.

Broadly speaking, we hope to find someone who can elevate our profile and events, work with the existing Development Director to find new revenue and improve our statewide visibility, especially on college campuses and among our alumni. The ED position could continue to grow, commensurate with revenue and demonstrated success.

Specific duties include:




The Executive Director will work as an independent contractor, providing his/her own computer and other resources in line with IRS guidelines.

The ED will set his/her own schedule to maximize impact and success.

The budget for this position is $30,000 annually with the expectation for growth based on the ED's success.

We don't currently have a physical office, but that might change soon.

We plan to proceed expeditiously with a decision.

How To Apply

You are welcome to treat this as either a job description for one person or as a request for proposals from a multi-client firm.

In any case, submit a proposal or a resume and cover letter, as appropriate, in PDF format to StateOffice@TISLonline.org.


Email us or call (615) 337-2307.

Details about TISL’s current programs are at www.TISLonline.org, www.TISCourt.org and www.AMC3.org.


See It Happening!

The 48th TISL General Assembly is Nov. 16-19 at the State Capitol. We don't expect to have this position filled by then, but applicants are encouraged to visit the GA to gain a deeper understanding of the organization. Contact StateOffice@TISLonline.org for more information.

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