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Chapter 3: Financial Procedures Act of 2012

1-3-1. This act shall be known and may be cited as the “Financial Procedures Act of 2012.”

1-3-2. Individuals engaged in financial transactions on behalf of TISL shall comply with these requirements:

  1. Any person entitled to reimbursement from TISL for travel or out-of-pocket expenses shall file an honest accounting of the amounts owed in a manner prescribed by the State Office.

  2. Any expense for which an individual expects reimbursement shall accord with established TISL policies or shall be authorized by the State Office.

  3. Any person entrusted to make spending decisions on behalf of TISL shall act in TISL’s best interest and shall disclose any conflict of interest to the Governor and State Treasurer.

1-3-3. Any person who shall violate the aforementioned requirements shall be punished, upon conviction, for a Class C Major Offense under the Uniform Conduct Act of 2013 and may also be required to pay restitution as shall be ordered by the Court.

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