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The 2023 Case

AMC3 is a program TISL created to fill a gap between the moot court in law school and successful mock trial programs for high school and college students. Participation is limited to college students who are not in law school.

Legal teams of two to five members argue each side of a hypothetical case before the Tennessee Intercollegiate Supreme Court.

Important Dates

November 2
by 11:59PM

November 15

November 16-17

November 19

November 18

Briefs Due

Briefs returned to the AMC3 Teams

Preliminary Rounds

Final Round

Semifinal Round

Important Notes

  • Attorney General applications are due to the Supreme Court at 9:00 am CST on Friday, November 17th , 2023.

  • The Supreme Court significantly revised the ballot in 2021. For this year’s competition and encourages delegates to familiarize themselves with the changes. The ballot can be found as part of the AMC3 Handbook under the General Assembly tab.

The Brief

Each team submits a brief two weeks before the competition. Download MS Word template for brief. We strongly recommend preparing your brief in Microsoft Word. Alternate applications such as Google Docs frequently break the formatting.

Please submit your brief in a PDF format.

The Problem

This case before the Court centers on whether pronouns constitute protected speech and if a university's placement of a professor on paid administrative leave for misgendering students constitutes First Amendment retaliation. The case is presented through a summary judgment motion, primarily addressing free speech and retaliation, with no mention of free exercise claims from the plaintiff. The backdrop unfolds at the Dottie West Conservatory within Music City University in Tennessee, where Professor Justina Cedarlake's unconventional teaching style sparked controversy. Professor Cedarlake, a member of the Church of the Holy Tune, refused to use students' chosen pronouns. When Memphis Miles, Scarlett Davis, and Hank Turner, who identified as nonbinary and transgender, respectively, reported this, Dean Kenny Chesnut placed Cedarlake on leave, leading to the plaintiff's lawsuit against the university board and Dean Chesnut.


There are two downloads. The first download contains the full technical record from depositions to Certiorari plus the List of Authorities. The second is a closed List of Authorities. Lawyers may reference cases outside the List of Authorities insofar as they are quoted by a case in the List of Authorities.

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