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Chapter 3: Access To Legislative Meetings

3-3-1. Access to the floor of either the Senate or House of Representatives while they are in session is limited to:

  1. Members of the respective chamber

  2. Pages

  3. The Secretary of State and his/her designees for the performance of official duties

  4. A member of the governor’s cabinet with appropriate credentials

  5. Lobbyists with appropriate credentials

  6. TISL Media, who may not converse with members of the chamber

3-3-2. Members of the governor’s cabinet and lobbyists who are on the floor during session may speak to individual legislators but may not speak from the well of the house, approach the well of the house or otherwise communicate with a legislator who is in the well of the house.


3-3-3. The provisions of this act shall not apply during joint sessions of the Senate and House of Representatives.


3-3-4. The provisions of this act shall not apply during the time set by the Executive Council for nomination and candidate speeches.


3-3-5. Delegates in violation of this statute are subject to the Delegate Conduct Act of 2013 for a class C minor offense. Further violations of this statute are subject to additional punishments as seen fit by the TISL Supreme Court.

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