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Chapter 3: Special Judges of the Supreme Court

4-2-1. The Governor shall appoint a special judge if a Justice of the Tennessee Intercollegiate Supreme Court is disqualified pursuant to Article VIII, Section 10 of the TISL Constitution.


4-2-2. A judge shall be disqualified if:

  1. He/She shall have recused himself/herself pursuant to the rules of procedures of the Court, or

  2. He/She shall be unanimously certified as “unable to serve because of unavoidable circumstances” by the remaining justices of the Court and such certification affirmed by the Executive Council with the consent of two-thirds of those present and voting, a quorum participating. Shall a justice present himself/herself for service, such certification shall be automatically null and void. It is the legislative intent that such certification shall be limited to circumstances such as family tragedy, personal illness, inability to communicate or other extreme events that make it impossible for a Justice to participate or recuse himself/herself.


4-2-3. A special justice shall be a current Tennessee college student not enrolled in a college of law and meet at least one of these requirements:

  1. Current or past Magistrate

  2. Former TISC Justice

  3. Justice-designate, appointed by the Governor, whose term has not begun.

  4. Any person previously nominated by the Supreme Court Nominating Commission.


4-2-4. This act shall be of no force and effect unless a corresponding amendment to the TISL Constitution provides for the appointment of special justices. [Compiler's Note: TISL Bill 2, 44th General Assembly, November 2014, added Article VIII, Section 10 to the TISL Constitution.]

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