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Chapter 50: Miscellaneous Provisions 

1-50-1. For the purpose of compliance with the TISL Constitution, a participating institution is one that has indicated in writing, signed by an administrator or a faculty member, that it will send a delegation to the General Assembly and will meet the requirements for eligibility to participate in TISL.

[TISL Bill 56, 38th General Assembly, November 2007]

1-50-2. For all purposes under the TISL Constitution or Legal Code, a college shall be defined as an institution of post-secondary education with the following characteristics:

  1. It has a primary physical campus in the State of Tennessee; and

  2. It is organized as a not-for-profit entity; and

  3. It has at least one of these characteristics:

    1. It is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools; or

    2. It grants baccalaureate degrees; or

    3. It grants associate’s degrees.

[TISL Bill 151, 44th General Assembly, November 2013.]

1-50-3. A student who attends the General Assembly must be approved by his/her respective university or college. A student who attends without the approval of his/her university or college may not participate in any TISL functions.

[TISL Bill 3, 45th General Assembly, November 2014.]

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