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Preparing your delegation for the General Assembly requires addressing multiple issues:
  • Assigning Your Delegates to Programs

    • Legislative

    • Lobbying

    • Judicial

    • Media

  • Transportation

  • Lodging, if you're staying at a hotel

  • Registration

  • Paying fees to TISL


TISL negotiates a highly favorable rate at the DoubleTree Nashville Hotel, which is two blocks from the Capitol.

Delegations may stay at other hotels, but they might have to deal with Nashville commuter traffic and higher parking expenses for coming and going each day.

A link for making reservations is on the Lodging web page. A credit card is required for making reservations, but you may pay with a check from your college when you check in. Bring a state sales tax exemption from your college to save about 10 percent on lodging.

In the final week before the General Assembly, please assign your delegates to hotel rooms through your Online Control Panel to speed up your check-in at the hotel.


Each delegate registers online in a two-step process:

  1. Create an account, if you haven't done so previously. Creating an account doesn't obligate you to attend an event, and it gives you access to tools such as the budget worksheet and a list of other delegates who have registered.

  2. Register for an event. You can register for an event when you create your account or you can register later.

Each delegate must register himself/herself. Please don't attempt to register for someone else. Registration requires individual decisions and personal information that only the delegate can provide.

Your college is considered registered when the first delegate from your college registers. In other words, there's not a separate registration step for the college as a whole.


Each college pays a Basic Fee to TISL, which is based on college enrollment. The basic fee includes a certain number of delegates, ranging from six for small colleges to 18 for the largest.


Once you've created an account, look for the "Budget and Invoice" button. You can enter a few numbers for your delegation (number of delegates, number of hotel rooms, etc.) and build a budget. Click the "Print An Invoice" button to generate an invoice you can submit to your college's finance office.


If you want to pay your fees by credit card, email the invoice to with a request for an invoice (via PayPal) that you can pay by credit card.


Pro-active efforts to recruit new members for your delegation will help to strengthen and perpetuate your participation in TISL.


This year's freshmen and sophomores will be your delegation leaders in a few years. Many established delegations give preference to underclassmen when filling openings.


This challenge is especially acute at community colleges, where the student body turns over more rapidly than at a four-year university.


Benefits of Being a Delegate


Based on surveys of previous TISL delegates, the biggest benefits of participating are:

  • Learning how government works

  • Understanding more about public policy

  • Networking with other student leaders

Top 10 Majors

1.  Political Science

2. Business

3. History

4. Biology

5. Pre-Law

6. Psychology

7. English

8. Criminal Justice

9. Paralegal Studies

10. Social Work

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