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The Doubletree Hotel at 315 Fourth Avenue North in downtown Nashville is the Official Hotel of TISL.​​

The hotel is one block from the Cordell Hull Building and two blocks from the Capitol. The Doubletree is a nice, business-class hotel.

Amenities include a Starbucks in the lobby and an indoor pool.

TISL delegations will receive a special rate for up to four guests per room. We have a fixed number of rooms at this price, so reserve early.


Phone: (615) 244-8200 | Fax: (615) 747-4894



TISL has a special parking deal at the Public Square Garage, which is across the street from the DoubleTree Hotel and two blocks from the Capitol.

This is the recommended parking garage for all delegates - those staying at the DoubleTree Hotel and those commuting from Nashville-area colleges.


1. Park at the Public Square Garage, 350 Deaderick Street. Take a parking ticket from the machine.

Important: This is an above-ground garage (see photo). Two blocks away is an underground garage by the same name. Don't be confused.

2. At the Capitol, buy a parking pass from the State Treasurer. TISL accepts Check, credit card, or Venmo. If you have already pre-purchased your passes they will be with your head delegate packet at registration.

One-size-fits-all parking pass: $75 (as of September 2023)

3. When exiting, insert in this order:

  • Parking pass you purchased from the State Treasurer.

  • Parking ticket you received when you entered the garage.

4. Exit the garage

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