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TSAC Elections

TISL Nominates Students for TSAC Board

Delegates to the TISL General Assembly nominate students to the Board of Directors of the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation. The term of office begins the following July 1.

Any Tennessee college student may be a candidate for the TSAC Board, regardless of whether the student's college participates in TISL's programs.


TSAC administers a variety of financial aid programs for higher education, including HOPE lottery scholarships, Wilder-Naifeh technology scholarships and state need-based grants.


Directors influence how much money is available for scholarships, the TSAC legislative agenda and collection policies for delinquent loans, among other things.


The TSAC Board of Directors typically meets twice a year, in March and September, in Nashville. Sometimes there are additional called meetings.


TISL voters will nominate three students for every TSAC vacancy, and the Governor of Tennessee will make the final appointment.

Student board members are expected to attend all meetings and communicate with students across the state to get their input and to share TSAC decisions and policies.

Term of Office

Two Years

Two directors of the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation are Tennessee college students -- one from a public institution and one from a private institution.


Each student director serves for two years, the first year as a non-voting member and the second year as a voting member.


This is an opportunity for Freshman and Sophmores. You may be an Executive Council office holder and TSAC candidate.

Election Guidelines

Notice of Election

Voting will occur on Saturday of the TISL General Assembly each November. State law requires TISL to submit the names of the winners to the Governor of Tennessee by April 1. Beyond that, the timetable is up the Governor.

TISL elections are governed by the Title 1, Chapter 5 of the TISL Legal Code. The electorate will be delegates at large, as defined in TISL Legal Code section 1-2-16.

TSAC elections are also governed by the TISL Election Procedures Act. Among other provisions, the Election Procedures Act discourages campaign spending (section 1-2-10). It also prohibits campaign materials such as signs and buttons on state property.


Members of the TSAC Board of Directors are reimbursed for reasonable travel expenses, including parking and mileage (47 cents per mile as of 2011). Directors who live more than four hours from Nashville are usually eligible for food and lodging reimbursement. Travel reimbursement is governed by official guidelines from the Department of Finance & Administration.

How To Become A Candidate

Candidates will be nominated in a joint session of the General Assembly and elected in a regular TISL election.
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