• Recruit a full delegation or more

  • Assign delegates to the four TISL programs

  • Identify a source of funds

  • Arrange to pay fees

  • Make hotel reservations

  • Coordinate transportation


  • Start your delegation's check-in by visiting the State Treasurer on the 2nd Floor of the State Capitol

  • Distribute individual delegation registration forms from the State Treasurer to your delegates

  • Attend the Head Delegates meeting early Friday (see Schedule for details) to receive your delegation's voter roll for the election.

  • Obtain signatures on the voter roll from your delegates.


Your delegation decides what each of your delegates will do at the General Assembly.

The best strategy is to participate in all four TISL programs: legislative (Senate and House), AMC3 (moot court competition), lobbying and media.

Helpful tips for organizing your delegation:

  • Most colleges fill their legislative seats first.

    • Every college has one seat in the Senate.

      • In addition to your Senator, one delegate may be an Alternate Senator, but that's optional.

    • The size of a college's House delegation depends on its enrollment. The range is typically one for small colleges and eight or nine for the largest. Details about House apportionment

      • You may have more than one Representative rotate in your seat(s).

  • An AMC3 Moot Court team has two to five members.

  • The number of your delegates in Media and Lobbying is unlimited.


A six-person delegation can participate in every aspect of TISL.

You can organize it other ways too.

Or organize it like this combination.

Here's how a (nine-member) delegation might organize.


We provide a simple online budget worksheet to help you plan your delegation.

To access the budget worksheet, log in to your Online Control Panel and look for the "Budget & Invoice" button.

In conjunction with the budget worksheet, you may print your own invoice that you can submit to your college's finance office.

If you want to pay your fees by credit card, email your invoice to StateOffice@TISLonline.org and request an invoice you can pay with a credit card through PayPal.

The budget worksheet includes these expenses:

  • Fees paid to TISL

    • Basic Fee, which includes a certain number of delegates

    • Fee for extra delegates beyond the ones who are included in the basic fee

  • Expenses paid to others

    • Hotel expenses, including taxes

    • Parking estimate

The budget worksheet doesn't include:

  • Travel expenses such as gasoline.

  • Meals (three meals are included in the basic fee)


The Doubletree Hotel at 315 Fourth Avenue North in downtown Nashville is the Official Hotel of TISL.​​

The hotel is one block from the Cordell Hull Building and two blocks from the Capitol. The Doubletree is a nice, business-class hotel.

Amenities include a Starbucks in the lobby and an indoor pool.

TISL delegations will receive a special rate for up to four guests per room. We have a fixed number of rooms at this price, so reserve early.

You will need a credit card to make a reservation and at check-in to secure payment for incidental expenses. This is a hotel policy.

Avoid Sales Tax Bring a Tennessee sales tax exemption from your college and pay with a check or credit card in the college's name.

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