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Staying at The DoubleTree?
If you are staying at the DoubleTree Hotel, first unload your luggage at the hotel. It won't be possible to check in until afternoon, but you should drop off your luggage before you park. The hotel will provide a room where you can stash it.
Regardless of Where You're Staying Overnight
  1. Park at the Public Square Garage across the street from the hotel. Parking Details

  2. Walk to the State Capitol (two blocks); enter via the Tunnel on Charlotte Avenue. Downtown Map

  3. Register with TISL on the second floor of the Capitol.

  4. Attend training and orientation. See Schedule for details.

  5. General Assembly convenes promptly at noon in the House Chamber.


Handicap Access


The Capitol and the Legislative Plaza are part of an interconnected group of buildings with complete indoor, escalator and elevator access to all areas TISL will be using. With advance request, we will arrange for delegates with special needs to park beneath the Legislative Plaza, from which they can access all areas.

Navigating Nashville

This map is provided to provide TISL delegates an east navigating device for transporting between government buildings and nearby attractions. 


We have highlighted numerous low-cost restaurants within a few blocks of the State Capitol and the DoubleTree Hotel. 


You may download a PDF copy of this map by clicking here.



TISL has a special parking deal at the Public Square Garage, which is across the street from the DoubleTree Hotel and two blocks from the Capitol.

This is the recommended parking garage for all delegates ... those staying at the DoubleTree Hotel and those commuting from Nashville-area colleges.


1. Park at the Public Square Garage, 350 Deaderick Street. Take a parking ticket from the machine.

Important: This is an above-ground garage (see photo). Two blocks away is an underground garage by the same name. Don't be confused.

2. At the Capitol, buy a parking pass from the State Treasurer. TISL accepts Check, credit card, or Venmo

One-size-fits-all parking pass: $75 (as of Oct. 2023)

3. When exiting, insert in this order:

  • Parking pass you purchased from the State Treasurer.

  • Parking ticket you received when you entered the garage.

4. Exit the garage

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