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Representing your college at TISL is an honor and a responsibility.
Each delegate will choose to participate in one of TISL's student-led programs when he/she registers:
  • Legislative

  • Lobbying

  • Judicial (includes AMC3 moot court)

  • Media

Brief descriptions of the programs and related links are on the page for Every Delegation.


TISL is privileged to use the State Capitol, the Tennessee Supreme Court Building and other major state facilities.
It's important that we treat these buildings with care and respect. Please don't do anything that might harm the buildings, the furniture or TISL's prospects for using these historic places in the future.
  • Food and beverages are prohibited in carpeted areas of the Capitol.
  • In the Senate and House chambers, don't open desk drawers. This is the personal space of the legislators.
  • Don't move furniture.
  • In the Capitol, the first-floor doors are exits only. Don't prop them open for any reason. It sets off alarms that are answered by a state trooper.
  • Don't leave purses, backpacks or other handbags unattended. They will be treated as potential bombs by the state troopers.
Click here for more information about the Capitol's history.


TISL's primary entrance for the Capitol is through the Tunnel on Charlotte Avenue between Sixth Avenue North and Seventh Avenue North. Everyone entering any state facility must undergo a security check. This will be easier if you're wearing your TISL name tag, and name tags are required outside normal business hours.


You'll receive your name tag when you first arrive at the Capitol. You will need to wear it whenever you're on state property. This is your identification for each security check point.

See the State Treasurer on the 2nd Floor, State Capitol, if you need to change or replace your name tag. Replacements for lost name tags cost $3.


One of the first orders of business after the General Assembly convenes is Orientation.

Each program has a separate orientation, and details are on the Official Schedule. Attendance at your program's orientation is valuable and mandatory.

You'll receive additional materials such as program-specific handbooks at Orientation plus important information from TISL officers and state officials.


All delegates shall wear appropriate business attire for official functions. Gentlemen shall wear a coat and tie. Ladies shall wear professional slacks or appropriate-length dresses or skirts.

If this code is breached, a complaint will be directed to the Sergeant of Arms for the Legislature, the Clerk & Marshall for AMC3, the Lobbying Director, and/or the Media Director, as appropriate. The offender, the offender’s head delegate, and the State Treasurer will then be notified of the violation.
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